Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Protesters block Makran Coastal Highway against illegal fishing


GWADAR: Local people as protest against illegal fishing and other issues at the Makran coast and other issues have blocked the Coastal Highway, ARY News reported on Thursday.

People of the area have blocked the highway at Pasni Zero Point to suspend the vehicular traffic. A large queue of vehicles travelling to Karachi and Quetta could be seen stranded at the Makran Coastal Highway.

According to reports, local citizens protesting against the lack of water and electricity supplies as well as illegal fishing by trawlers in the sea near Gwadar, where most of the people of the coastal belt depend on fishing for their livelihood.

It is to be mentioned here that a top official recently said that government has taken immediate steps for stopping illegal fishing at the Makran coast. He said that allowing illegal fishing in Arabia Sea close to Makran coast was depriving local fishermen of opportunities to earn their livelihood.


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