Friday, October 7, 2022

PSL fielding standards beat all major T20 cricket leagues including IPL


Pakistan Super League (PSL) has thoroughly evolved as one of the leading domestic T20 tournaments in the world. The third edition of the tournament witnessed some of the best fielding standards across all major T20 cricket leagues around the world.

Even though PSL is comparatively younger than its contemporaries it still has managed to give a strong competition to the likes of Indian Premier League, Big Bash League as well as the Caribbean Premier League.


According to reports, the PSL third edition had witnessed a successful catching rate of 82%, with the champions Islamabad United converting 90.4% of their chances.

The PSL has also preceded BBL fielding stats whose conversion rate last season was only 75.6%. The champions, Adelaide Strikers, were third-best with an 80% conversion rate.

Similarly, IPL which is currently going on with its 11th edition has seen an 81% catch-conversion rate as of April 29, 2018.

On the other hand, CPL 2017 edition had an overall conversion rate of only 72%. The catch-conversion percentage is calculated on the basis of the number of real catching opportunities and how many of them are held or dropped.

The catching standards in the PSL were widely praised by commentators and analysts, who placed the league ahead of its competitors in fielding aerobics and catch success.


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