Saturday, September 24, 2022

PSL fixing scandal: Nasir Jamshed challenges suspension


Pakistan batsman Nasir Jamshed has challenged the provisional suspension imposed on him by the country’s cricket board through an application written by his lawyer, reported ESPNCricinfo on Monday.

Counsel Hassan Iqbal Warriach sent a letter to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) questioning the suspension, calling it “harsh and oppressive step to the detriment of [his] fundamental rights”.

Jamshed, based in England, was provisionally suspended on February 13 this year in relation to the investigations into alleged corruption in the Pakistan Super League.

The PCB used clause 4.7.1 from the anti-corruption code according to which the board has the option to provisionally suspend the player without charge under exceptional circumstances which are:

“…where any relevant police authority has arrested and/or charged a participant with an offence under any relevant criminal law… that may also constitute an offence under this anti-corruption code”.

Jamshed was arrested and subsequently released on bail by the UK’s National Crime Agency in relation to the case, a day after the PCB had suspended him.

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Jamshed’s lawyer contended the PCB had “misused” the clause.

“The PCB, while, provisionally suspending my client has not only misused but also bulldozed the very intent of clause 4.7.1 of the PCB anti-corruption code, herein after referred to as the Code. As PCB can only exercise its power conferred by article 4.7.1 when the PCB has charged a participant for corruption or exceptional circumstances exist relevant to the participant or the integrity of sports is being undermined.”

The letter further read: “That in the present case my client has neither been charged for corruption nor there is any exceptional ground available with the PCB to suspend my client. As my client has no corruption charges, his provisional suspension cannot be justified in any manner whatsoever.”

Jamshed has since been charged by the PCB, not yet for acts of corruption but for two violations of the code which are related to obstructing and not cooperating with an investigation. He had also threatened the PCB with legal action for maligning his name.

Meanwhile, proceedings continued in Khalid Latif’s hearing, without the attendance of Latif or his lawyer.

The PCB continued to present its case against him to the three-man tribunal and is expected to complete their case by Tuesday.

Latif and his lawyer walked out of the hearings in protest on Saturday and continue to boycott the proceedings.


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