Saturday, July 2, 2022

PTI core committee’s session summoned today


PESHAWAR: The session of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has been summoned at 3:00 pm today at Chief Minister’s House in Peshawar, ARY News reported.

Imran Khan will chair the PTI core committee session today which will be attended by all central and provincial members. The members will mull over the strategy and date of the Islamabad long march, whereas, discussions will be held on the government’s steps and crackdowns.

The core committee will also deliberate on the strategy to avoid arrests of the activists.

During Multan public gathering, PTI Chairman Imran Khan had reiterated his demand from the present government to immediately dissolve the assemblies and announce the date of fresh elections.

While addressing a mammoth public gathering in Multan, Imran Khan had said that his political party wants election date and dissolution of assemblies at the earliest.

Khan had said that he has summoned PTI’s core committee session in Peshawar on Sunday and the announcement regarding the Islamabad march will be made between May 25 to 29.

He had said that PTI will announce the date of the Islamabad long march on Sunday. The Islamabad march will be started to demand the dissolution of the assemblies and the schedule of fresh elections.


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