Monday, November 28, 2022

PTI files complaint with PEMRA over Imran Khan marriage rumours


A delegation of the PTI visited the headquarters of the media watchdog and met with Chairman Absar Alam where they filed a complaint report. They complained about the baseless and unfounded reports aired by several TV channels over the third marriage of Imran Khan.

They said that it was a gross violation of media rights and ethics to sensationalise the reports which were aired on various television channels for several hours. This has tarnished the reputation and the personal image and character of Imran Khan.

The complaint filed also said that the news was aired while Imran Khan is currently on a visit to the United Kingdom where he is spending time with his sons. Imran has never met or even knew the woman who was portrayed that he had married.

Alam said that they have previously received complaints over such controversial issues  regarding Imran Khan. He said that all media institutions should abide with the relevant  laws and adhere to the stringent media ethics. He assured that action will be taken against all violations.

The PTI delegation urged him to expedite the complaint filed and take prompt actions against all responsible for violating the media laws and ethics


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