Sunday, October 2, 2022

PTI, PML-N have spoiled politics, acted in self-interest: Bilawal


PESHAWAR: Pakistan Peoples Party  chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Sunday lashed at his political opponents the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) have spoiled politics due to their self-interests. 

The PPP chairman was addressing a political gathering in the PTI stronghold of Peshawar n connection with the NA-4 by-election. They party has held public gathering in Mansehra, Kaghan and Chitral.

Bilawal called on the people to decide who safeguards their rights, as the PPP changed the name of Khyber Pakhthunkhwa, and previously the National Finance Commission (NFC) was being held  distributed on basis of population, while now even nationalist politics are doing the politics of the federation. “On Oct 26, you have to defeat the deceiving, inept politicians,” he said.

He said the governments of PTI and PML-N has spoiled politics, as both have indulged in the politics of personal interests.

“On one side is Nawaz Sharif who cling to his chair until he was disqualified by the court,” he said. “On the other side is Imran Khan who is doing politics simply to gain power.”

“Imran Khan wants to do something which takes him directly from Bani Gala to the Prime Minister’s House,” he said adding that no single segment of society is satisfied with them.

He said the workers, farmers are worried as their businesses are being affected, educated youth are not receiving jobs, and poverty has been rising gradually, while still propaganda is being done in such circumstances.

“Development did not take place in the nation, but rather in the assets on Nawaz Sharif,” he said. “Nawaz’s development and Imran’s change both are lies and deceit.”

He said that Imran Khan has no vision, but is instead spreading incitement. He asked if he has the capability to be the leader of the nation, corruption was widespread in KP, while Imran Khan was portraying himself as an angel.

“The government of ousted Nawaz Sharif has only deceived the people,” he said adding that privatising hospitals has brought further misery. “If health and education is privatised then where will the people go,” he said.

He said that no hospital was built in KP since last four years but instead accusation were made against the Sindh government where has built hospitals and trauma centers.

“Imran Khan used the resources of KP for politics in Punjab,” he stated questioning why mega-corruption cases in KP was not being investigated and those accused of corruption are siding with them.

He said the PTI while raising the slogan of change has completely transformed itself. He said that if Imran had formed the federal government in 2013, then its fate would be the same as KP government.

Bilawal went to say that the PPP was an ideological party with a vision and programme, and has spoken about the rights of marginalised segments of society including workers, farmers, merchants and youth.

He said the PPP has raised its voice against terrorists, while Imran Khan was calling to negotiate with them while the country was burning with terrorism.

“When the nation was burning with terrorism, Imran Khan want to negotiate with them,” he said adding that armed forces and police were being martyred in the fight against terrorism.

He said that federal and provincial government has neglected the NA-4 constituency which suffering immensely from terrorim. “The federal and KP governments were nurtured in the laps of dictators,” he said.

He vowed that PPP will win the upcoming elections as it awarded its ticket to an educated youth Asad Gulzar Khan, who he said joined the PPP after seeing the real face of PTI.

He said that Asad Gulzar is his nominee who understand the problems of the constituency, and hoped that people will vote for him. “Defeat is the destiny of PTI, while victory is the fate of PPP.”


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