Saturday, October 8, 2022

PTI, QWP embrace each other in KP


A meeting was held in Islamabad between CM Pervez Khattak and QWP supremo Aftab Sherpao, which aided in breaking the ice between the two parties.

Both parties signed a seven-point agreement and consented to a 13-point agenda.

They agreed to work for ensuring good governance and betterment of the province.

A four member committee will be formed to eliminate conflicts between the two sides, however if the committee fails then the matter will be dealt by CM Pervez Khattak and QWP parliamentary leader Sikandar Sherpao.

Parliamentary heads of both parties will be meeting the chief minister on regular basis, they agreed.

The QWP had to part its ways from KP coalition government after alleged involvement of its ministers in corruption, while the PTI chief Imran Khan praised the honesty of Jamat e Islami (JI) ministers.

The skipper not only abandoned ties with others, but he also suspended membership of his party officials on charges of corruption.


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