Monday, October 3, 2022

Patriotic Pashtuns disrupt PTM’s anti-Pakistan protest in England


BRADFORD: Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) who were holding an anti-Pakistan protest today (Monday) in England was retaliated against by pro-Pakistan Pashtun residents of the area resulting in chaos, ARY News reported.

The political party PTM which was staging a protest in the English city against the Government and security agencies of Pakistan met with stiff competition after overseas Pakistani’s of the area dispersed proceedings calling them treacherous.

The opposers of the protest who were revealed as patriotic Pashtun’s living in the vicinity took note of the protest and came out in support of the state of Pakistan against the people chanting and sloganeering against it.

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The British Police also put a stop to the protest after chaos ensued between the two sides over the controversial issue.

“We are with Pakistan,” said the group of Pashtun’s opposing PTM’s protest.

Those in favor of Pakistan also said that they would not even allow Afghans to carry out such slanderous activities against their native homeland on foreign soil.

“Those protesting against Pakistan work for India,” said the Patriots.


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