Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Here is what gamers will get in PUBG Mobile update 0.15.5


A new team, new weapons, new characters and more and more treasure is what is coming  in the Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile update coming to Android and iOS shortly today.

According to the details provided by the makers, the new Update for 0.15.5 will be available starting November 8th and the server will not be taken offline for this update.

Here is what the gamers will get

The makers informed that update requires approximately 0.21 GB of storage space on Android and 0.24 GB of storage space on iOS and the players on different versions are unable to invite one another without an update.

The update will give an extra benefit of 20 Silver, 2000 BP and one Blue Glider Trail for the players.

Announcing new season titled ‘Royale Pass Season 10: Fury of the Wasteland,’ the corporation said that it would include all new rewards, an improved UI, and a way to gift membership to your friends.

A Team Deathmatch map called Ruins was also announced  with mysterious ancient ruins hidden in a rain forest.

A new weapon has also made it to the game that is the MP5K, a portable SMG that only appears in Vikendi, replacing the Vector. The MP5K has a high rate of fire at 900 RPM and has outstanding anti-recoil capabilities.

A new vehicle Zima was also introduced to replace the UAZ in Vikendi.

A new character Vehicle Engineer – Sara was also announced to be coming soon whose ability, Vehicle Enhancement, reduces the damage taken by vehicles when she is driving or riding in a vehicle in EVO Modes.

A Companion System named the Falcon is also coming soon through which players will be able to collect materials for the Falcon in the redemption event for free.

The other improvements also included Team recruitment channel improvements, Changed Arcade mode availability, Clan Improvements, Team-up recommendations for missions, Main Menu Improvements and Charisma system- that has been taken offline for now and will be relaunched after further adjustments.


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