Friday, February 3, 2023

PUBG Mobile is set to get exploding gas cans, Payload Mode with helicopter and much more!


PUBG Mobile is due for an update to version 0.15.0, which starts rolling out from next week and will include a range of changes for Android and iOS players

The social media users of the popular battleground game have been talking about the new features that will come to the game, such as the BRDM-2 vehicle and ledge grab mechanics, among others.

However, the biggest addition to PUBG MOBILE with this update is easily the Payload mode, which has been rumoured for long.

Here’s Everything you should know about the new features coming to the battleground

Payload Mode

With the new 0.15.0 update, PUBG Mobile gets a new Payload Mode. In this, players can fly a helicopter from the helipad and engage with enemies from the air as well as while on land.

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Moreover, a bunch of heavy fire weapons will be added to the roster, including RPG-7 rocket launch, M3E1 missile, M79 grenade launcher, M134 heavy machine gun, and MGL grenade launcher.

New weapons

PG-7 rocket launcher: classic rocket launcher, using rockets.

M3E1-A missile: a missile that uses a rocket to launch a tracking vehicle.

M79 grenade launcher: single grenade launcher using 40mm grenade.

M134 heavy machine gun, using 7.62mm bullets.

MGL Grenade Launcher: Use 40mm Grenade.

PUBG Mobile also gets a new vehicle- the BRDM-2, which can be used both on land and water.

Ledge grab climbing procedure

Ledge grab will bring new verticality in the gameplay, allowing a player to move upwards and climb rooftops. Ledge grab will give a significant advantage to the players since most players look down and neglect the roofs.

Players can hop building and climb ledges mid-air. It will give them access to previously inaccessible spots in the game. A player has to tap the jump button twice for making the ledge grab work.

Additionally, teammates will also be able to recall eliminated mates with the help of the communication tower.

The version 0.15.0 update is hitting the Play Store and App Store on October 16.


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