Sunday, July 3, 2022

Two million cheaters banned from ‘PUBG Mobile’ in one week


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile has banned two million accounts for cheating in a single week.

The news was delivered via a tweet from the PUBG Mobile account, which revealed that between August 20 and August 27, the PUBG Mobile team banned 2,273,152 accounts, with 1,424,854 devices being permanently banned, meaning a player is not able to play the game on that device ever again.

Unsurprisingly the most common cheats used in PUBG mobile relate to being able to see enemies and auto-aiming at them. The announcement post for the bans revealed that 32% of cheaters were banned for x-ray vision cheats and 27% were banned for auto-aim cheats.

Both of these types of cheats will obviously offer a massive advantage, but they can at times be hard to spot. Someone with x-ray vision could have heard you moving and know where you are, or figured out your location in another way. And someone with auto-aim could just have incredible reactions and skill.

PUBG Mobile recently announced its 1.0 update, along with a $2 million esports tournament. That update will bring up to a 36% improvement in frame rate and a 76% reduction in lag, according to a press release from Tencent.

According to Sensor Tower’s estimates, the game “has doubled its lifetime revenue in just over seven months to more than $3 billion globally.” The Chinese version of the game, titled Game For Peace, is responsible for the majority of the revenue, with the United States coming in second. PUBG Mobile will also add New Erangel to the game in the coming weeks.


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