Saturday, September 18, 2021

Punjab forbids unauthorized sale of petrol, LPG decanting


The Punjab government through a letter to all the district governments, copy of which is available with ARY News, has termed decanting of LPG (filling from one cylinder to another cylinder) as punishable offence. The letter claims that companies would supply LPG only through their auto refueling stations to four wheel vehicles which does not include other public transport including three-wheelers, buses, coaches and wagons.

The government has also prohibited refilling of domestic and commercial cylinders at auto refueling centers as well as CNG cylinders installed in Public Service Vehicles are being filled with LPG.

The provincial government has also taken notice of illegal sale of petroleum products at other than petrol pumps.

The letter to the  district coordination officers (DCOs) states that petrol can be sold through petrol pumps owned by licensed oil marketing companies. It adds that illegal sale of petrol/HSD not only leads to the supply of substandard products but also poses serious safety hazards to the public life and property, and declared the non-bailable offence under the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC).

The government has conveyed to the DCOs to immediately complete the survey to identify the persons/outlets/dabba stations involved in such illegal activities and initiating stern legal action against the offenders for putting an end to all such violations.

It further asked the DCOs to furnish weekly reports pertaining to their actions against the culprits and submit them to the Industries Department.

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