Saturday, October 1, 2022

Punjab Seed Corporation (PSC) ranked 22nd on Seeds Index by ‘East West Seed’


Punjab Seed Corporation (PSC) has been ranked 22nd on the Access to Seeds Index, which is declared by the Thailand based association `East West Seed`.

This index was provided after detailed assessment of almost 24 leading seed companies in South Asia & Southeast Asia.

It needs to be mention here, that the first-ever index for South & Southeast Asia had evaluated most important seed companies in the region along with detailed approach and obvious objectives in order to maintain food and nutrition safety measures, and to assist growth productivity of minute level farmers is one of the vital goal for sustainability of the developmental goals.

According to the index provided, the companies which scores low in the ranking are mainly due to deficient of disclosures of their objectives and actions.

Also, the PSC promotes a wide ranged portfolio of field crop assortment along with some selective vegetables through widespread means in Punjab.

Furthermore, it is observed that, the PSC is not involved in any detailed breeding programme, which has impacted in a feeble presentation in research and development sector. Also, it was distinguished in the Index that the corporation is not focused on corporate oversight as well as capability building activities in order to advantage small scale farmers.

The Index report also emphasized that 22 Index companies have existence in Pakistan, which means Pakistan has a vital local seed business.

However, the endorsement of the `Plant Breeders` Rights Act 2016`is a support for seed companies for investment in research and development sector.


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