Friday, July 23, 2021

Liquor bottles being taken to student hostel seized at PU gate: security staff


LAHORE: The security staff has seized 20 liquor bottles at Punjab University (PU) gate from a motorcyclist who allegedly told them to take the alcoholic beverage to the varsity’s hostel, ARY News reported on Tuesday.

The PU security staff seized a huge quantity of liquor allegedly from a motorcyclist who was taking the liquor bottles to the hostel by using the name of a student organisation’s president.

The security guards have stopped a motorcyclist on the varsity’s Gate Number 1 for having suspicion over bags that he was carrying with him.

punjab university liquor bottles motorcyclist student organisation

After checking the bags, the guards caught the motorcyclist red-handed while he was carrying 20 liquor bottles with him. When questioned, the motorcyclist told the guards that he was taking the liquor bottles for a student organisation’s president.

Following the discovery, the varsity administration called the police and immediately the student for carrying out the action. Police registered a case against the student and motorcyclist.

punjab university liquor bottles motorcyclist student organisation

The administration said in a statement that vehicles are not allowed the enter the varsity’s premises without undergoing a security inspection. The administration also appreciated the security staff members for seizing the liquor bottles.

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