Thursday, August 11, 2022

Quaid’s birthplace is dying


Independence Day celebrations are marked with renewed patriotism every year and rightly so. And when it comes to paying tribute to the founding father of the country, it turns out to be mechanical as ever.

Most of us are aware of Quaid-e-Azam’s birthplace – Wazir Mansion – a place considered to be cultural heritage with immense historical significance. It’s only after a visit you begin to realize how this century-old structure is abandoned to neglect.

Area outside Wazir Mansion.

Also known as The Quaid-e-Azam House, the structure that belongs to colonial period is surrounded by arched pillars and British architecture and it appeals you to the core, but once you actually make it to the site you witness the decrepit condition in real. And there begins a sad story.


The picture shows accumulated sewage water outside the Wazir Mansion — a usual feature at the location.

Located in the mean streets of Kharadar, Wazir Mansion is the house where Mohammad Ali Jinnah spent over 15 years of his childhood. Around 12 years ago, a project was undertaken by the archeology department to restore and revamp the historical building. The project cost approximately Rs 25 million and completed in 2010.

This picture was shared by FixIt campaigners. It shows the garbage lying unattended adjacent to Wazir Mansion street.

These days flooring of the front portion is under revamp alike past months and years when the same exercise undertaken only to be abandoned and forgotten later.

When you enter a lane leading to the Quaid’s House, its crammed with heaps of garbage and a surface with tiny potholes that at times makes it difficult for pedestrians to walk through. And it’s something that denizens are used to and perhaps view it as customary.


Those who have seen these renovations taking place time and again sound quite cynical about the development. They believe it’s just another cosmetic repair that occurs and ends with no long-term preservance in mind.

Another picture shared by the Fixit campaigners


The Wazir Mansion building also houses Fatima Jinnah’s at the second floor but the visitors can’t access it due to its crumbling structure and dilapidated condition.

It’s not long ago when several events would held at Quaid’s residence, but authorities barred all such activities in the wake of Ziarat Residency attack and mounting security concerns.


It’s disappointing to note people’s least interest in preserving historical monument, like intermittent flow of sewage water outside the building doesn’t deflect criticism on civic authorities alone but people are also to be blamed for overlooking their role of a responsible citizen.

This picture did rounds on the social media after recent rains in Karachi. It shows a pool of rainwater outside the Quaid’s birthplace with poor drainage.

Giving thorough overhaul to this historical building is the need of the hour and it’s something requisite for evoking sense of patriotism and nationalism and get across the very feeling that “WE DO CARE!”


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