Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Racist attack in US, Man booked after hitting Asian woman 125 times


A man Tammel Esco was charged with hate crimes after he was filmed punching an Asian woman over 125 times in a racist attack.

The 42-year-old man has been charged with hate crimes including attempt to murder and assault for the attack.

Video Courtesy: Independent

A man from New York, USA was arrested after he assaulted a 67-year-old Asian woman and hit her over 125 times in a racist attack, and also abused her.

The police, with the help of the CCTV footage, identified and arrested the 42-year-old man Tammel Esco on Monday.

Yonkers police commissioner John Mueller said in a statement on Monday “This is one of the most appalling racist attack I have ever seen; to beat a helpless woman is despicable and targeting her because of her race makes it more so.”

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He added that “This defendant must be held to the maximum punishment allowed by law to send a clear message that hateful, violent behaviour will not be tolerated in our communities.”]

He concluded by praying for the victim of the racist attack and her family and wished her a speedy recovery

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