Sunday, August 14, 2022

Ram Gopal Varma’s racist tweet over Trump victory leaves Twitterati fuming


Bollywood director Ram Gopal Varma who was recently mocked by Twitterati for copying the poster for his upcoming  movie from a PlayStation ad had the internet community fuming over his racist tweets after the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump emerged victorious in the US elections.

Varma who was supporting Trump (who was not running for Indian presidency and the director forgot it) tweeted that “Obama’s and Michelle Obama’s faces must have turned blacker than this with today’s trumping result”

The racist tweet was strongly criticised by Twitterati and a number of people replied to him befittingly and actually showed Varma the mirror.

RGV gets owned! 



As Ram Varma tries to act Trump! he gets paid back in the same coin

As Varma tried to act smart, this guy brings him down in a single tweet and pays him back in the same coin.

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