Monday, August 15, 2022

Rangers issue crime details of Sunni Tehreek (ST) suspects under custody


According to details, Sindh Rangers today issued photographs and details of crimes committed by 11 suspects taken into custody during June 18 raid at Sunni Tehreek’s office in Moeen Plaza, Karachi.

The spokesperson of Sindh Rangers said that the suspect Muhammad Alam alias Baba killed 15 people, while he also confessed receiving extortion and illegal occupation of lands.

“Jawwad Qadri aka Khawaja was involved in the killing of 14 people and received extortion together with Lyari gangsters, while another suspect named Zubair turned out to be the killer of 13 people,” he told.

ARY News screengrab showing images of ST suspects

“Salman alias Mochi was said to be involved in kidnappings for ransom and setting vehicles on fire,” the spokesperson added.

“The other suspects namely Muhammad Akram, Farhan alias Papa, Shakil Ahmed, Muhammad Arif, Imran Saadi, Muhammad Anwar Alam and Muhammad Rizwan alias Guddu are involved in murders, snatching of animal hides and other illegal activities.”

The suspects were produced before a court earlier in the day, where from they were given into 90 days’ custody of Pakistan Rangers (Sindh).


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