Saturday, August 13, 2022

Ranveer Singh's Eye to Eye dubsmash video crosses 1.9 million views


Apparently, Eye to Eye has more fans than you’d think.

The popular dubsmash video which Ranveer had recorded on Hrithik Roshan’s request, went viral and crossed the 1.9 million views mark. It had all started when Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan had urged Ranveer to outdo Taher Shah in singing Eye to Eye, as part of his birthday wish for the Bajirao Mastani star.

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Ranveer Singh has been known for his provocative acts and distinct sense of humour. A couple of years ago, he had also been dared by Hrithik to dance on the street, as part of a promotional idea for his then release Bang Bang. Obviously, knowing the crazy Ranveer, the actor obliged and enacted quirky moves in the middle of a busy Mumbai street. However, in this video, the versatile actor can be seen donning a white suit and sporting a ridiculously long haired wig, as he lip syncs Taher Shah’s Eye to Eye song.

Taher Shah’s Eye to Eye song became viral in Pakistan upon its release in 2013 instantly. The video was guffawed at for Taher Shah’s funny lyrics and his awkward demeanor as well as humorous way of acting in the video.

With one of Bollywood’s top-most actors recording a dubsmash video to Taher Shah’s songs, the publicity Eye to Eye seems to have gained, is tremendous. Worry not Taher, for any publicity is good publicity, it seems!


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