Monday, September 27, 2021

Rapists should be chemically castrated, says PM Imran Khan


ISLAMABAD: Condemning the gang-rape incident on Lahore-Sialkot motorway, Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday said that the incident has shaken the entire nation and criminals like “motorway rapists” should be hanged publicly.

In an interview with private news channel, the prime minister said that motorway gang-rape incident has hit entre nation on a personal level and all pedophiles, rapists should be chemically castrated.

“Lahore motorway has shaken the entire nation. We all identify women as our sisters or daughters. This incident has hit us all on a personal level.”

“I personally think pedophiles and rapists must be hanged publicly but I’m told that we have international repercussions. European Union EU’s GSP status for trade with Pakistan will be affected by public hangings. Hence I think chemical castration must be conducted on those criminals,” added the prime minister.

The prime minister said that motorway incident would not have happened if main culprit Abid Ali, who was arrested in 2013, has given strict punishment. “Hence, it has become necessary that we should chemically castrate rapists and maintain registries of such criminals.”

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Police, bureaucracy in Punjab highly politicized

PM Imran said that the police and bureaucracy in Punjab have been politicised, reiterating support for Chief Minister Usman Buzdar.

“Usman Buzdar is not corrupt. Police and bureaucracy in Punjab are highly politicized. He is running a very tough govt in Punjab,” he said in an interview to a private news channel.

The prime minister said that among the challenges that a coalition government and a politicised bureaucracy were some of the challenges that Buzdar was dealing with.

PTI govt to resolve Karachi’s woes

Among other issues discussed during the interview, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that federal government has taken responsibility for resolving Karachi’s major issues. “one of the major issues of Karachi is the water supply and for that, we [Federal govt] have started work on K-IV project.

PM Khan said” “Solid waste management is also a big issue in Karachi and the incumbent government is catering to that also.”

“Karachi is Pakistan’s engine. If Karachi catches a cold, it’s like whole Pakistan becomes ill.”

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