Thursday, August 11, 2022

Pakistani rapper’s new song sums up 9 to 5 work life


Writer, comedian and rapper Hassan Bin Shaheen released a new music video that everyone who work from 9 to 5 can relate to.

The track titled 9 to 5—a project by Qaumi Coup, reflects the emotions of those who feel trapped in the corporate world and are made to feel like they are always busy.

Making an appearance on ARY News’ show Bakhbar Savera, Shaheen said “Qaumi Coup is the name of me and my friend’s company which aims to represent common man and his frustration through content and videos.”

Shaheen wrote this song a year back when he was frustrated with his 9 to 5 work life. According to Qaumi Coup “This song is dedicated to all those who work hard and grind it out for a better future. To the 9-5 works, to the people cleaning our streets, to anyone trying to hustle, to anyone trying to make a living, to the struggles they face and the labor they put, this song is for them.”

Talking about the response on the music video which went viral, the rapper said “We were lucky to have people from the comedy, filmmakers and content creators community on board for this project who supported me to make this video and the response has been pretty good so far.”

“We want our content to get noticed not only in Pakistan but also on international level,” he added.

On stand up comedy, he said that it’s the responsibility of  a stand-up comedian to ‘speak truth to power’ and not make fun of women or those who are ‘inferior to you’.


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