Thursday, September 29, 2022

Rasheed says Faizullah to return to Pakistan before Eid


Addressing a protest demonstration held in Islamabad for the release of recently convicted Pakistani journalist in Afghanistan, Pervez Rasheed urged the Afghan President to use his powers for ending the jail term of Faizullah Khan.

Rasheed added, ‘if the Afghan President has decided to do so, then I am thankful to him’.

He said that Pakistani Consul General in Afghanistan did not exhibit any laxity regarding the matter and if he has, then he will be asked for an explanation.

The Information Minister said that Faizullah will reach Pakistan before this Eid. He also said that if a delegation of journalists wants to go to Afghanistan for the sake of Faizullah Khan’s release, then the Government of Pakistan will fully cooperate with it.

Addressing the demonstration, Chairman of the Senate Standing Committee, Talha Mehmood expressed his immense grief over a severe four years’ sentence to an innocent Pakistani journalist.

Mehmood told that he has directed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to present a report on the issue, within a week’s time.


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