Sunday, June 26, 2022

Really, abducted! Ask your children what’s bothering them


Not all the news that you hear about a rise in child abductions in Karachi, particularly on social media are true because according to a recent notification issued by Citizens Police Liasion Committee (CPLC) only six child abduction cases were reported in the current year out of which five children were recovered.

Other cases of reported missing children have no traces of any sort of organised abductions as being speculated on the social media platforms.


CPLC told people not to pay heed over rumoured news on the fabricated children abduction emergency in Karachi at least.

“Social Media is playing an important role in today’s world and highlights issues that are important for the general public. Reports being published on social media regarding the kidnapping of children are causing a lot of concerns among the public, said CPLC in its statement.

Not all the children who are missing have been abducted. In fact, many of them are actually leaving their homes on purpose, most of the times, after being subjected to domestic violence.

Parents need to have a painstaking look at the entire situation.

Irfan, a young boy from Karachi, ran away from his home twice because he said, his parents and siblings used to beat him over issues, he thinks were trivial.

On both the occasions, he reached CPLC office in Karachi.


Story of a kid who ran from home twice by arynews

CPLC spokesperson said they would be discussing Irfan’s case with his parents because at a tender age, every time when Irfan ran away from home, he ran risking his life and safety.

It is very important that parents establish a friendly and secure environment at homes for their children who are still growing.

Domestic violence never helps to make children understand the difference between right and wrong, this is what parents need to admit.

CPLC said, “Most of these missing children have been reunited with their families after being traced out or self-returned. It is important to note that all of the missing children are not kidnapped, most of them fled from domestic violence and other problems”.

Children abductions in Karachi, Lahore or in any part of the country for that matter, is a big issue and no one deny the urgency of the problem.

But, parents also need to spare quality time with their children and discuss issues, if any, of their lives and particularly that bothers them the most.


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