Monday, October 18, 2021

Remembering A. Nayyar, Pakistan’s award-winning singing maestro


LAHORE: A great chapter of singing in Pakistan was closed on Friday when one of the most popular playback singers of the 70s, Arthur Nayyar, generally known as A. Nayyar, passed away.

The legendary singer died due to a heart attack in Lahore at the age of 66.


As a great playback singer and musician, A. Nayyar bagged five prestigious Nigar Awards.

In his melodious career that started back in 1974, A. Nayyar sung songs that many of our yester generations still treasure.

His songs like ‘Main Tou Jala Aisa Jeevan Bhar, Kia Koi Deep Jala Hoga’, ‘Sathi Mujhe Mil Gaya’, ‘Yaad Rakhna Mujhe’, ‘Ashiq Hu Purana’, ‘Khuda Kare’, ‘O Meri Jaan-e-Wafa’, ‘Sharmili Ankhon Se’, ‘Beena Tera Naam’ and many others are the most hit songs of their times.


Nayyar earned overnight fame from a duet with Naheed Akhtar, ‘Pyar To Ik Din Hona Tha’, from the Pakistani film Kharidar.

And of course, who can forget the ‘Jangal Main Mangal’ song he sung with another legend Pakistani singer Mehnaz – one of the most liked and fun birthday songs that many of us cherished during our childhoods in the 1980s.

A soft-spoken A. Nayyar is not with us anymore but his songs indeed will continue to mesmerise the future generations to come.


He has left three daughters and his wife, who reportedly were out of the country when the traffic unavoidable incident happened.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif also extended his heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family.


Here’s the birthday song by A. Nayyar.


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