Monday, June 27, 2022

‘Surprised’ resident finds six-foot snake inside living room   


It was an utter astonishment for a resident when he found a six-foot long snake roaming inside his residence and called the emergency responders to deal with the troubling situation.

The incident occurred in United States (US) state of Kansas, where a resident at a duplex found the large boa constrictor hiding inside their couch and summoned the emergency responders to catch it.

The resident said they had lived in the duplex for four years and wasn’t aware of any missing snakes in the neighborhood.

The firefighters who received the call at the Butler County Fire District #3 termed it an unusual call and said that they assisted the Rose Hill Police Department on the matter.

The authorities were successful in catching the large reptile and a footage shared on the Facebook from the fire department read: “The snake was wrangled by our resident snake charmer, Deputy Fire Chief Linot, who is pictured along with Firefighter Kolter.”

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Police and firefighters said they do not know where the snake came from and they are hoping the apparent escaped pet’s owner will come forward.


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