Friday, October 7, 2022

Rida Isfahani, Natalia play damsels in distress in drama depicting struggle of girls belonging to middle class families


In an age, where glamour is considered necessary for success of television plays and the stories mostly revolve around rich and bourgeois, we seldom see dramas depicting struggle of middle class families.


ARY Digital’s “Jatan” is another such play which meticulously portrays what women and men from middle class families go through everyday in their life. The drama has all the characters majority of our society can relate to.

Rida Isfahani plays Arzoo while Natalia Owais plays Saba, two different types of girls whose fates are intertwined in a manner that they both can’t help each other despite battling similar circumstances.

Arzoo loves Zahir (played by Babar Khan) but her cunning grandmother wants her to marry the boy of her choice (who is a fraudster), on the other hand, Zahir’s cousin Saba is chased, harassed by Arzoo’s cousin Faraz (played by Imran Bukhari) and likes Zahir.

Arzoo’s mother’s story is too of a typical middle class lady who bears everything in silence to keep her in-laws happy and only opens up when her mother-in-law (played by Sangeeta) tries to marry Arzoo off to a fraudster. Arzoo’s father, who first doesn’t take interest in the matter, accidentally sees her prospective suitor, takes her out of trouble.

Natalia Owais’s Saba is a simple college going girl who is harassed daily by Faraz, prompting her mother to take responsibility of taking her to college and bringing her back. As the old lady could not do it daily, Zahir starts doing the needful.

Zahir’s activity confuses both Arzoo and Saba as the former thinks Zahir has forgotten her while the latter thinks Zahir loves her.

The drama’s dealing of issues Arzoo and Saba face is impressive as it portrays what girls from the middle class families go through in our society where men like Faraz think they can do whatever they like and its not a matter of “honour” for anyone while girls don’t even have the right to voice their opinion about her suitors.

Both the actresses do justice to their roles while acting alongside veterans Sangeeta and Sami Sani.


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