Friday, December 2, 2022

Rishi Kapoor starrer “Mulk” to release as per schedule on Aug 3


Rishi Kapoor and Tapsee Pannu starring film “Mulk” will be releasing as per schedule on August 3, director Anubhav Sinha’s Mulk has said in a statement, which he shared on Twitter.

There were reports of a stay order issued on the release of Mulk being circulated on social media which the filmmaker says are false.

“No such order has been served upon us. If someone has mischievously mislead the court and if the court has really passed such an order we hall move in a petition to vacate the same ASAP,” read the statement.

“Logistically all arrangements are in place to release the film on the set date – August 3,” he said adding that said no such order has been served upon him.

A court in Mumbai had issued an interim stay on the release of Mulk after an application was filed against production and entertainment agency Benaras Media Works Limited.

The court was hearing an application filed by one Vandana Punwani, who was embroiled in a property rent dues dispute with the company. She claimed that the company had links with the movie and hence the release of the film should stay until the dispute was resolved.

However, the court on Tuesday granted permission to screen the film as per its scheduled release.

The application filed stated the company in 2011 had taken Punwani’s bungalow on rent and wanted to convert it into an office space. The company couldn’t get the requisite permission from the civic body and refused to pay her the rent.

Hence, in 2016, Punwani approached the court seeking to recover rent which she claims is around Rs 50 lakh. Punwani, earlier this month, filed an application, asking the court to stay the release of movie Mulk till the dispute was resolved.

The trailer of “Mulk” was released to mixed response on social media in July. Several praised Anubhav Sinha for talking about a sensitive issue with maturity while a large section disagreed.

Mulk is the story of a Muslim family, (the patriarch of which is played by Rishi Kapoor), branded traitors after one of their members is killed in a terrorist encounter. Taapsee Pannu plays the defense lawyer, who wants to establish that the family is being targeted because of their religion.

Speaking about his film to news agency the director said: “The film has a good intent, it is not a political film in anyway. It is a very social film, about everyone. I knew I wasn’t going to take a political side, I wanted to take a human side which can’t be wrong or controversial.”


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