Thursday, March 23, 2023

Rishi Kapoor questions absence of women cricketers in IPL auction


Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor is known for his short temper and controversial statements on social media and for blocking people who retort to his tweets on the internet.

The veteran actor is once again embroiled in controversy after his attempt for gender equality in the recently held auction for the Indian Premier League.

Kapoor took to Twitter to share his thoughts questioning there were no female cricketers at the auction. “IPL.Just a thought! Why not female Cricketers in the Auction.”

“No gender biases,have a mix of players from cricketing countries in the playing eleven!” he wrote.

Kapoor ended his tweet by putting forth a pertinent question — “Or is it that men play a tougher game?”

His tweet, as they have in the past too, got people talking and received a volley of mixed reactions.

There were quite a few wanted to know if he was intoxicated, while others joined in with their opinion and several others sided with Kapoor. Some still were not ready to let go of the debate and controversy surrounding Padmaavat.


However, there some who mocked him and questioned if he was he was drunk, while some asked why there should be an auction for cricketers.


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