Thursday, August 11, 2022

River Sutlej may face flood situation in next 10 to 15 hours


River Sutlej may face flood situation at Ganda Singh point during next 10 to 15 hours.

Flood Forecasting Division of Met Department in Lahore said that Ganda Singh point is currently at the below low flood level, with the current water flow of over 35,000 cusecs, which is expected to be risen up to 1,40,000 cusecs to 1,50,000 cusecs during next 10-15 hours, Radio Pakistan reported.

Palku Nullah at Sialkot is in medium flood situation with the current water flow of 3,100 cusecs. In Punjab, all other rivers and nullahs are flowing normally.

River Sindh is currently in medium flood at Guddu with an in-flow of 415,666 cusecs and outflow of 375,466 cusecs, while in low flood at Sukkur with an inflow of 353,287 cusecs and outflow of 294,162.

Meanwhile, the water level reached 17.60 feet at Ganda Singh Wala in Sutlej River on Tuesday morning.

According to relevant authorities, the water level at Talwar post is 8.40 feet, Bakerke Post 624 feet and FMD post 9.50 feet.

According to Pakistan Commission for Indus Water, Indian dam Harike discharged 156,685 cusecs of water on Tuesday morning at 5 am.



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