Monday, August 15, 2022

River Sutlej in low flood at Sulemanki headworks


LAHORE: River Sutlej is in low flood at Head Sulemanki after India’s release of river water into Pakistan, ARY News reported on Friday.

Rising river water in Sutlej eroding protective embankment of the bridge connecting Pakpattan and Bahwalnagar posing threat to the land link between the two towns, reports said.

Water level in River Sutlej is rising rapidly as the water level at Ganda Singh Wala was recorded 20 feet high on late Wednesday night.

Several villages on both sides of the riverbed were submerged under floodwater damaging several houses and standing crops stretching over hundreds of acres.

According to the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) spokesperson, floodwater inundated 18 villages of District Kasur. He said that 1220 persons were rescued from the flood-affected villages by the local administration in Kasur while another 1613 persons have been shifted to safer places.

He further informed that local administration in Okara has shifted at least 1000 people to safer places and established relief camps for the affected persons. Flood water also destroyed crops in Manchanabad area.

Moreover, River Indus has been in low flood at Guddu and Sukkur.

Several villages of Kot Mithan submerged under floodwater after rise in water level in River Indus. Several localities in the area near Rojhan were inundated after a breach in a safety dyke. Meanwhile, flooding leaves thousands homeless in Rajanpur and surrounding villages.


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