Friday, September 30, 2022

Robbers in police uniform rob currency exchange in Karachi


KARACHI: Armed robbers disguised as policemen robbed a currency exchange van in Karachi’s Bahadurabad area, ARY News reported on Thursday.

According to ARY News correspondent Salman Lodhi, a private currency exchange’s cash van was robbed by heavily armed robbers wearing police t-shirts and caps.The dacoits managed to get away with at least Rs0.6million.

The car being used as cash van was bringing rupees in exchange of dollars from a private bank when it was stopped by four heavily armed masked robbers who disarmed the two security guards sitting in the car and then took all the money.

Police say the law enforcers didn’t respond immediately for the robbers were in police t-shirts, adding that the robbers were armed with carbines.

A case has been registered in Ferozabad police station.


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