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Friday, June 9, 2023
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Robot invented to insert, remove eye lenses


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A Florida man, Craig Hershoff, invented a robot to help people with dexterity issues insert and remove their eye lenses without another person’s assistance.

The inventor himself uses special contacts known as scleral lenses and he told the purpose of his invention to help other people, especially elderly patients, who are having issues to insert and remove contacts.

Hershoff told WPLG-TV that he invented a voice-activated robot called ‘Claira Lens Robot’ for the insertion and removal of eye lenses which was tried on elderly people.claira lens robot invention lenses craig hershoff

He added that he is elderly too and the robot really helps with dexterity. The people who used the device have liked it and appreciate how well it works.

Craig Hershoff detailed that Claira Lens Robot uses suction cups designed to create the ideal amount of suction to insert and remove the lenses easily.

The robot is currently undergoing clinical trials in Boston and Craig Hershoff expected for getting approval from US Food and Drug Administration to market it as early as next year.

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