Sunday, September 25, 2022

Rough weather: Seawater reaches Sandspit road


KARACHI: The sea water has reached to Sandspit in Karachi’s coastal area, as stormy conditions persist in the Arabian Sea with rough weather and high waves.

Police authorities have said that the sea waves have reached to the road in the beach area. “The waves are as high as eight to 10 feet,” officials said.

The citizens should stay away from the sea and must avoid to go close to the water, police officials advised.

“The roads leading to the Hawkes Bay beach have been closed owing to rough sea conditions, police said. “The citizens coming to the beach being sent back from Machhli More,” police said.

The Met Office in an alert had earlier said that the Depression over North Arabian Sea has further moved southwestward at a distance of 540km southwest of Karachi.

It is 600km from Thatta and 410km south of Ormara, according to the Pakistan Meteorological Department alert.

Maximum sustained surface winds are 40-45 km per hour around the system centre. The system is likely to weaken further, move northwestwards for some time and then recurve northeastwards as a low-pressure area, according to the alert.

The PMD has cautioned that the sea conditions would remain rough to very rough. Fishermen of Sindh and Balochistan have been advised not to venture into open sea.


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