Thursday, September 29, 2022

Royal wedding guests are selling their ‘goodie bags’ on eBay


LONDON: The royal wedding became the global affair with millions of people across the world watched on their TV screens Prince Harry and Meghan Markle entering the martial bond at a grand ceremony at Windsor Castle. Those invited to the wedding were handed commemorative gift bags and that didn’t left behind in becoming a cynosure for viewers!

It transpired couple of days later that goodie bags were put up for auction on eBay by at least 30 people with prices ranging from $150 to about $12,000.

The couple invited 2460 members of the public inside Windsor Castle to celebrate their nuptials, a number which included 1200 people being commended for their work as community leaders.

To help them remember the day, guests left Windsor Castle with a souvenir goodie bag in tow.

Royal wedding guests goodie bags

Inside the bag, which was emblazoned with the date and couple’s initials, was a commemorative chocolate coin, bottle of water, shortbread, fridge magnet, an official order of service and a gift voucher offering a 20 per cent discount at a Windsor Castle gift shop.

Also available for sale on eBay is a PDF version of the wedding order of service for $8.80 — despite it being able to be downloaded for free from Kensington Palace’s website.



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