Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Local court orders exhumation of model girl’s body in Karachi



KARACHI: A local court has directed to exhume body of the deceased model girl, Rubab Shafiq, who allegedly died in a failed abortion at a local clinic, ARY News reported on Monday.

A local court in Karachi was hearing the case relating to the death of Ms Shafiq.

Police told the court that the department will submit its final challan in the case after finding evidences post-exhumation of Shafiq’s body.

The court ordered to exhume her body for further findings.

It is pertinent to mention here that four accused persons including Robina and Atif are currently behind bars on remand while the key accused Umar was released on bail.

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On March 14, the court had remanded two accused in police custody, in a case pertaining to negligence in an abortion procedure.

Mochko police presented Robina and Atif before the city’s local court, contending that their remand was required to arrest an absconding suspect, identified as Umer, who is said to be a friend of the deceased girl.

To this, the judge, allowing the request, remanded the suspects for three days and called a progress report from the police at the next hearing.

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On March 9, Police had claimed to have resolved the mystery of a model girl Rubab Shafiq’s death, whose body was found in a local cemetery.

The incident took place in Karachi’s western region of Mochko which borders Balochistan province.

According to Police, Ms Shafiq died at a local abortion clinic while undergoing the procedure. The clinic staff panicked at her death and threw her body in a nearby cemetery in the dark of the night, said the police.

During the autopsy, police found no outward marks signalling torture, however, one of her hand had seven while other had nine marks of injections.

Police arrested had the nurse and her assistant who operated Ms Shafiq for abortion. According to police, the duo has confirmed the series of events.


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