Monday, August 15, 2022

VIDEO: Russian man claims he lived on Mars before being re-born on earth


MOSCOW: A Russian man has made a bizarre claim, saying he was born on Mars in a previous life before being re-born on earth. And his parents believe him completely.

Boriska Kipriyanovich, 21, claims he lived on Mars in a previous life until there was a war, wiping out all life on the planet in the distant past.

His parents claim that he has spoken about alien civilisations since he was a young boy despite them never teaching him about the matter.

Russian man born mars

He claimed that he had visited Earth while working as a pilot on Mars and that they had close connections to ancient Egyptians. In fact he has made a prediction that life on Earth is going to change significantly when the Great Sphinx of Giza is ‘unlocked’ using a mechanism behind its ear.

He now lives in Volgograd, Russia, after being ‘re-born’ on Earth, and first made his unfounded and unproven claims several years ago. However he has continued to mystify people and caused great curiosity among conspiracy theorists and UFO hunters. Giving an insight into Martian life he said that people from Mars stop ageing at the age of 35 and are immortal.

Russian man born mars

Speaking about the great Martian nuclear war he said: ‘No, I have no fear of death, for we live eternally. There was a catastrophe on Mars where I lived. ‘People like us still live there. There was a nuclear war between them. Everything burnt down. Only some of them survived. They built shelters and created new weapons.’ He added that they grow to about 7ft tall, can breathe carbon dioxide and still live on Mars but are now underground.

His mother claims: ‘No one has ever taught him. Sometimes he would sit in a lotus position and start telling us detailed facts about Mars, planetary systems and other civilisations, which really puzzled it.’


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