Sunday, June 26, 2022

Saba Qamar reveals her fitness secret


KARACHI: Illustrious Lollywood actress Saba Qamar in an exclusive interview with ARY News revealed fascinating secrets of her physical fitness.

The gorgeous actress with big eyes, cut face, velvety hair and trimmed body said, contrary to the general perception, she was not overproud or arrogant, in fact, she said, in real life she was a down to earth person.

Saba Qamar is starring in ‘Lahore Sey Aagay’, which is made under the joint production of ARY Films and The Showcase Films but is not a sequel to ‘Karachi Se Lahore’.


The romantic-comedy flick is scheduled for release in next month.

The slim actress said her negative role in a drama serial had a life-changing experience for her. Story of the drama revolved around tension between two sisters played by Aamina Shaikh and Saba Qamar.

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She said it was the first negative role of her practical life which was adored by masses.


While divulging about her secret to fitness, she said she was a real hard worker and did not like to sit idle. She would all the time engage herself in a physical activity.

You might be wondering as to if she goes to a gym or something like this to maintain herself in shape. Then the answer is, no.


“I do not go to gym, however whenever I get free time at home I dance to the beat of music. This is my hobby which automatically fulfills need of exercise,” she said.

To a query, she said once she heard a rumour relating her to a money-laundering case. She had no idea that what sparked the rumour and she was deeply hurt by it, she added.




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