Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Saeed demands govt to call OIC meeting on Burma massacre of Muslims


Addressing a rally held to express solidarity with Muslims of Burma, Hafiz Saeed said that Pakistan has remained to be the captain of the Muslim Ummah’s ship and questioned why it is silent today over Burma massacre of Muslims.

“Pakistan has always helped the oppressed Palestinians and Kashmiris, it should call a meeting of the OIC as the Budhists there in Burma are ruthlessly butchering the Burmese Muslims,” demanded Saeed.

He also called for taking up the issue with the United Nations (UN).

“Responsible of terrorism in Afghanistan, the United States (U.S.) is shedding crocodile tears over barbaric treatment of Burmese Muslims,” castigated the JuD chief. “No Muslim state except Turkey and Indonesia helped those suffering Muslims.”

Pledging his support for Kashmiris, Hafiz Saeed said that by waving the green flag, innocent Kashmiris have expressed their relation with Pakistan based on Kalma Tayyaba.

He assured Syed Ali Gillani, Yasin Malik and Asia Indrabi that all Pakistanis stand by them in their struggle for freedom.


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