Sunday, October 2, 2022

Sajjad Ali all set to release new music video


Pakistani pop icon Sajjad Ali will release the much anticipated music video by the end of this month. The singer has spoken and hinted at what the upcoming song is about. Na Tum Samjhe is going to be a romantic song, so fans shouldn’t expect their favorite singer to punch numerous guys or race in time to crash his love’s impending wedding (as was the case in Cinderella). As the title suggests, Na Tum Samjhe is bound to be a soft, melody-oriented song that speaks about the misconceptions of a couple in love.

Sajjad Ali rose to fame in the late 80’s and a prominent musician in the 90’s through his albums Silver Jubilee Star Sajjad Ali, Wachan, Babia 93 and Chief Sahab. His catchy, pop songs laced with street-smart lyrics struck a chord with the crowd and earned him a feverish fan base during the peak of his career. Sajjad has the awe-inspiring ability to carry his soft, melodious voice in a soothing way and mesh it with perfection along with the beat. His new-age songs such as Paniyon Mai and Sohni Lagdi helped him earn appreciation from today’s generation and compete with some of the existing stars of Paksitani music industry, such as Ali Zafar, Atif, Strings and Jal. It was his soulful number, Har Zulm which became an instant hit online and earned him praise from all quarters. His ability to control and tempo and pitch of his voice till date ushered in felicitations and critical appreciation from fans all over the world.

har zulm-Sajjad Ali by dm_52500e18a2b5e


However, as of late, Sajjad Ali seems to be a little disappointed with his fans for not purchasing his music and supporting his career. For this very reason, Na Tum Samjhe will be available at a fixed price of 99 cents. “This is just a way of gauging how fans and followers actually value my work”, Sajjad Ali told a local newspaper. Har Zulm was such a huge song and gained popularity worldwide but less than 500 people paid to download the song, which is truly sad.”

“A song costs less than a chicken tikka and yet they won’t buy it so basically it’s a test for the fans to see how much they value their favourite artist. ‘Comments toh sab karletay hain’”, Ali said.

The veteran singer does have a point. Let’s see whether his fans excel or not when they are put to the test!


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