Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Salman fires his three bodyguards for leaking info to media


MUMBAI: Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has reportedly fired three of his bodyguards after he learnt that they were leaking his personal details to the media.

According to a report in Zoom TV, Khan got to know that his staff was divulging details about him in the public and hence fired them. However, according to the report, Salman has retained his trusted aide Shera.

The actor had learnt of the bodyguards tipping off personal information to others and got them removed from their job.

Recently, Salman Khan parted ways with Matrix, which had been handling his work for the past nine years. Salman Khan returned to an in-house model for managing his business arrangements, the reports said.

In October last year, a strange report had surfaced about a famed B-Town actress Katrina Kaif who blamed her driver for ‘snooping’ on her for money. She accused the chauffer for leaking her personal details to media as he was on a payroll of some journalists.


Recently, there were reports of Aditya Roy Kapur rescuing Katrina Kaif from a parking lot argument. According to a report, following the incident, Katrina Kaif grew suspicious of her entourage leaking stories to media. According to the report, the driver leaking the actress’s stories is the same man who was slapped during the argument over a parking spot.

Katrina Kaif had also threatened to fire her driver for leaking personal details to the media.

The report further suggested that Kaif had started keeping a close tab on her aides and issued a gag order, stopping them from having any conversations with the media.


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