Friday, July 1, 2022

‘It seems same facilitator behind Data Darbar, Lahore rickshaw blasts’: CTD  


LAHORE: The Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD)on Saturday arrested several suspects on the identification of the rickshaw driver in connection with the Lahore blast, ARY News reported.

CTT officials said that it seemed that the same facilitator behind Data Darbar and Lahore rickshaw blasts.

The officials said that CTD was collecting data through geofencing to trace the terrorists involved in the rickshaw blast in Lahore.

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Earlier on November 29, at least 12 persons had been injured in an explosion in an auto-rickshaw near Chauburji area of Lahore.

According to preliminary investigations, around two to three kilograms of explosive material present in the rickshaw went off leaving the people injured and damaging nearby vehicles.

A passenger hired the rickshaw from Sherakot and left the rickshaw and escaped near Chauburji Quarters,  investigation sources had said.


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