Saturday, July 2, 2022

Pakistani student makes history by speaking at JHU business school’s graduation ceremony


On August 2, Sarah Khan, a Pakistani student made history as she spoke at the United States’ John Hopkins University’s business school’s graduation ceremony.

The speech made her the the first Pakistani student to speak at the prestigious Carey Business School’s graduation ceremony.

Sarah completed her MS Marketing degree from the John Hopkins’ University Carey Business School with a GPA of 3.8, acclaimed for outstanding academic achievement by the USA-wide exclusive business honor society;Beta Gamma Sigma.

The Pakistani student was selected as a Fulbright scholar to pursue an MS Marketing degree had graduated from Karachi’s Institute of Business Administration (IBA) in 2013 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.

Selected as one of the 8 Fulbright scholars for Amizade Community Service Project in Williamson, West Virginia, she explored developmental opportunities in the coal-mining area and worked on a documentary.

As Vice President of Women in Business Organization of the university, she helped organize the 6th Annual JHU Women Leadership Conference and conducted a workshop on ‘Salary Negotiation for Women’.

She was also inducted as a member of National Society of Leadership and served on the Honor Council of her university.

Here is the video of the graduation ceremony (Sarah’s speech starts at 24:00 mark)


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