Friday, September 24, 2021

Sarwar's departure speeds up 'lobbying' for key slot


According to details, as soon as Chaudhry Sarwar tendered his resignation and left the Governor House, consultation began within government quarters to fill the vacated post.

It was reported that the names of provincial minister Zakia Shahnawaz, Chaudhry Jafar Iqbal, Raja Zafarul Haq and Malik Pervez are under consideration for the post of Governor Punjab.

Sources told that a tough competition is expected between the two candidates in case the party leadership chooses to pick up the governor from Southern Punjab.

Zakia Shahnawaz, who hails from Mianwali – Imran Khan’s native district – is affiliated with Pakistan Muslim league-Nawaz (PMLN) since 90s, while former deputy speaker, Chaudhry Jafar Iqbal who belongs to Rahim Yar Khan, also has enough influence within the party.

The family of Malik Pervez, part of the Arain fraternity of Lahore, is also considered to be important in Punjab politics, whereas Raja Zafar ul Haq from Rawalpindi is also reported to be a strong contender.

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