Sunday, September 25, 2022

Saudi Arabia declares Covid vaccine mandatory for Hajj pilgrims


ISLAMABAD: The government of Saudi Arabia on Tuesday has made the Covid-19 vaccine mandatory for Hajj pilgrims of all ages including children. 

According to the Religious Ministry spokesperson, it has been instructed to all the pilgrims to carry a Saudi Arabia-approved vaccine certificate with them before departure to Macca for the annual rituals of Hajj.

Pilgrims’ entry in Saudi Arabia will be banned without a full dose of the Saudi-approved coronavirus vaccine certificate, the spokesperson said.

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The Shehbaz government announced the Hajj-2022package, putting the expenses during the holy journey to more than Rs850,000.

Religious Affairs Minister Mufti Abdul Shakoor told a press conference that the federal cabinet had approved support amount of Rs150,000 for pilgrims, after which the total cost of the Hajj package would come down to just over Rs700,000.

The selected staff of the ministry goes every year to help in works such as carrying luggage, etc.


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