Thursday, August 11, 2022

Saudi Arabia announces to launch instant visa service


RIYADH: Saudi Arabia has announced to launch an instant work-visa service next month, through its Qiwa platform, especially designed to help new small businesses.

In this context, Minister of Labor and Social Development, Ahmed Al-Rajhi, said that it will enable young Saudis to open small businesses, boost economic growth and accelerate business expansion plans, which will have a positive impact on national development of Saudi Arabia.

During a meeting with entrepreneurs from Hail Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Al-Rajhi said the ministry will provide a comprehensive set of integrated tools for small-business owners. This will help to maintain the stability and continuity of the business during its early days.

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He added that the ministry carried out a number of extensive studies to determine the requirements of small businesses for migrant workers, so that the new visa service meets their needs.

The ministry places special importance on emerging projects, he said, as part of its role in developing the country’s economy, creating job opportunities for young Saudis, and empowering them in the job market.

Earlier, the Ministry of Labor and Social Development launched a visa service for established businesses that are in the process of expanding, as part of its efforts to increase the annual growth of recently established enterprises.


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