Sunday, September 26, 2021

Saudi crown prince orders house for dead man’s family


CAIRO: Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman has ordered a house, a car and a monthly salary be offered to the family of a man who drowned due to flooding, Saudi daily Okaz has reported.

As per details, Saudi citizen Abdul Aziz Al Asmari, his wife and their daughter had died after floods had swept away a vehicle they were in earlier this week in the region of Asir in south-western Saudi Arabia, according to the report.

The wife and the child were rescued, but died later. Their three other children survived the accident and are in hospital under medical observation.

Upon orders of the crown prince, Governor of Asir Prince Turki Bin Talal has directed that a job be offered to one brother of the deceased man and the rescuers of the children be honoured.

Prince Turki also visited the children in hospital and directed health and psychological care for them.

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