Thursday, August 11, 2022

Say goodbye to oily skin!


How to wash your face

Wash your face two times a day and both times with warm water. Hot water may dry out your face or damage your skin. Make sure you do not use soaps that dry out your skin and deprive it from nourishment. Use a gentle, fresh soap that does not add oil or moisturizer to your facial skin.

Control your diet

You may want to reflect on your diet and upon noticing its effects on your skin, change it accordingly. If you’re eating greasy food on a daily basis and the result is apparent in the form of oily facial skin, cut back. In order to improve your skin and maintain a fresh look, include fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruits and veggies on a daily basis will do wonder for your skin and prevent oil formation on it!

Meditate, exercise and release stress

Yes, a link between stress and oily skin does exist! When you’re stressed or suffering from anxiety, your body produces higher levels of androgens. These have an effect on your sebaceous glands, causing them to increase oild production. Excessive buildup of oil on your skin can cause you to become affected with acne.

Lemon juice and other citrus fruits 

Apply the juices of citrus fruits on your skin in order to provide a more healthier, natural look. Lemon, in particular, works wonders for your skin and absorbs oil in particular. Also, if you’re seeking a blemish-free skin, apply lemon generously to your skin.

Wash, with facewash!

High-end products contain artificial ingredients which can damage your skin rather than heal it and dry out your face. Blend in some natural ingredients such as lemon, cucumbers, milk and honey in order to make a safe, more protective facewash than the one you’d buy from stores! Better be safe than sorry!




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