Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Scenic Swaik Lake: An ‘unexplored’ beauty of Pakistan


It would be a cliché if someone circumscribes their imagination of natural beauty to the just northern areas of Pakistan. In fact, the country has diverse natural sightseer destinations and exploration of new tourist spots across the country has shuttered this myth.

The Churna Island of Karachi and Gorakh Hill Station of Sindh are already discovered tourism venues besides a number of tourist attractions in Balochistan but there are numerous ‘unexplored’ gems like the beautiful Swaik Lake, just waiting to be discovered.

Swaik Lake is located next to Khandoyah in the Punjab province which can be accessed through the M2 motorway linking Lahore and Islamabad.

Here are the pictures for all aspiring explorers to discover how beautiful and serene this lake really is!

The trail that eventually leads to the breath-taking beauty which takes a 45-minute hike to reach the spot


The route to the magical lake is adventurous, making the journey memorable by passing through the rough terrain

The awesome landscape makes one hard to believe that its right here in Pakistan

One can fantasize about a beautiful day for a fresh and clear lake besides scenic mountains


Various fun-filled activities like cliff diving, trekking, and swimming could be experienced here!

A crystal-clear stream gushes away from the lake


The lush green waters just glistening in the broad daylight


The cascading waterfall situated at the lake



One cannot afford to miss taking a dip!



The water is so clear that one might spot a tiny fish scurrying in the water

People love cliff diving, swimming, and trekking while visiting such a natural beautiful place. People prefer to stay at Kallar Kahar and visit the lake in the daytime.

Pictures courtesy: Shughal


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