Saturday, July 31, 2021

School custodian caught on camera hitting half-court shot backward


A security camera caught a school custodian making a backward half-court shot in an empty gymnasium.

Joe Orians, a custodian at Liberty-Benton Middle School in Ohio, was captured on CCTV alone in the school’s basketball court, cleaning up after the students.

A school caretaker has become an unlikely viral superstar after the headteacher spotted and shared a brilliant clip of him while going about his daily jobs.

Principal Kyle Leatherman said he had heard about the bucket in a casual conversation with custodian Joe Orians, his colleague at Liberty-Benton Middle School in Findlay, Ohio.

“I didn’t believe him, so I told him I would check the camera,” Leatherman told Storyful.

Footage taken in the school’s gymnasium shows Orians hitting the trick shot and raising both hands in victory.

Kyle was left stunned when he watched it back and shared the video on Twitter, captioning the clip: “Our custodian is better than yours. Just casually walking through the gym with no one watching but the security camera. Trick shot, nothing but net.

The video has been watched more than 330,000 times.

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