Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Leaked audio: Ali Haider Gilani, Nasir Shah discussing millions’ offer to PTI MNAs


ISLAMABAD: A leaked audio involving  Ali Haider Gilani, son of Senate candidate and former Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, and Nasir Hussain Shah revealed offers of millions of rupees being made to the PTI lawmakers ahead of the elections for the Upper House of the Parliament, ARY NEWS reported on Tuesday.

Ali Haider could be allegedly heard in the audio played during the ARY NEWS programme, Power Play, saying that he had talked to Nasir Shah and the latter is asking to bring down the offer besides assuring that development works would also be carried out in the constituencies as per the wishes of the PTI lawmakers.

“We could carry out uplift projects worth around Rs100 million,” he said adding that they had offered Rs160 million, however, the offer has gone as high as Rs200 million.

Gilani could be further heard in the audio that the rate is similar in FATA, KP and Karachi with an exception of MQM-P, where the rate has gone up.

The son of the Senate candidate could be heard in the audio saying that it would be difficult to carry the money if payments are made in cash as it would attract attention from many people.

Ali Haider Gilani could be heard saying during a telephonic conversation with Nasir Hussain Shah that ‘friends’-PTI lawmakers- were standing alongside him and wanted to talk to the provincial information minister.

“Tell four of them that they would be taken care of,” Shah could be heard as saying as one of the PTI MNA said when Jamil Somroo and Nasir Shah’s name came during the discussion, they decided to talk to him.

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One of the MNAs could be heard saying that they trust the minister’s word and would pave way for getting their demands implemented in the future.

“We are solid people and are standing alongside the PPP while putting everything at stake,” the PTI lawmaker said as another MNA added that they hail from humble family background and would do whatever is promised.


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